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The great strategy RPG saga is now on iOS


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Fire Emblem is a prolific strategy/RPG video game saga produced by Nintendo that's been around for years. Since the first game was released for NES in 1990, more than a dozen titles have been published for different platforms. It's about time that it arrived on Android and iOS.

The game offers a gameplay that's similar to the saga it's based on, centering the bulk of the experience on strategic turn-based combat where you have to move your army through grid maps, manage your abilities and analyze your rivals' actions. As you win combats, you'll earn experience for each of your heroes, unlocking new skills that can expand your possibilities on the battle field.

Each character has a color associated with it that will interact differently with the rest, so you'll have to know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit in order to maximize damage. Likewise, you also have special attacks that you can use from time to time, in addition to the abilities you unlock as you use your ability points.

As far as the storyline goes, Fire Emblem Heroes is a 'dream match' where you'll find both well-known characters from previous games, as well as new faces. Old friends like Roy, Anna, Marth, and Lucina will participate in an adventure where you have to save the Askran kingdom. Their appearance is thanks to the fact that your character has the ability to call upon all these heroes and many more.

In terms of adaptation for mobile devices, the game includes a lot of freemium elements. In addition to the traditional story mode where you have to complete challenges in order, there's also an arena where you can fight with other players' teams, a training mode, and other events lasting a certain amount of time, meaning you'll be entertained while playing Fire Emblem Heroes for a good while.
By Erika Okumura
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